Brock has worked in the radio/TV and entertainment industry for over 20yrs. Performing and hosting events, weddings and parties all over the US. When Brock isn’t starring in Sam’s Furniture commercials you can catch him entertaining with his highly acclaimed entertainment company, Brock Entertainment. They host and deejay over 500 events every year all over NWA and the USA. If you’ve been to any event, charity or wedding in the area there is a good chance that Brock and his team were the entertainment. If you want to take your event or wedding to the next level give Brock a shout. Brock is all about creating a fun atmosphere wherever he goes and putting a smile on every face he comes into contact with. He always says, “If I’m not having fun, you're not having fun. So let’s make it FUN!” When you see Brock make sure to say hi, shoot him a smile and give him a “Get it at Sam’s!”

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Brock and Marci in the Morning are live with tons of local fun every weekday morning! Brock is a local talent and Marci is a transplant from Chicago. Join them for the daily Trending Thread when listeners get a chance to interact and give their opinions and play along with the 7am challenge on your way to work.  Because giving back is a priority to them, every Wednesday is dedicated to promoting local charities and organizations.  Get ready to be entertained, play, and even sing along as Brock & Marci brighten your weekday mornings!

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